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Nutrition and Food Science

Our Curriculum





(Reference: CPDD

 Teaching and Learning Guide)

·To empower students to be health-conscious and discerning consumers.

·The focus is on how individuals and families manage their resources (food, finance and time ) to meet their physical, mental, social and economic needs.

.To provide students with fundamental knowledge in nutrition, health and food science that prepares them for tertiary studies in applied food science and careers in the health, food and beverage industries.

·Students will gain knowledge of being an informed consumer through food selection and be equipped with skills in food preparation and recipe modification.

· To equip students with relevant 21st century competencies that prepare them to thrive in a future driven by globalisation and technological advancements.


Secondary 1

Food Studies

Nutrition and Food Science

Practical lessons


Secondary 3

Nutrition and Health

Food Choices

Food Science


Secondary 2

Consumer Studies

FCE & the Community

Food Entrepreneurship

Practical lessons


Secondary 4 & 5

GCE ‘N / O’ Level Coursework

Preparation for GCE ‘N / O’ Level Theory Written Paper


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FCE Syllabus

N Level Syllabus

O Level Syllabus


Secondary 1 & 2


• 100%

• Report writing

• Practical examination

 No Written Exam


N’ Level Requirements 

Coursework : 

• 60% 

• ~30 page report writing 

  Written Exam 

• 40% 

• Structured questions, application questions and essay questions 

'O’ Level Requirements 


• 60% 

• ~50 page report writing 

     Written Exam

• 40% 

• Structured questions, application questions and essay questions 

Lower Secondary 

Secondary 1 Coursework

 Theme: Baking birthday cupcakes to celebrate SG50

Secondary 2 Coursework

Theme: Creating dishes from different countries to celebrate International Friendship Day

Upper Secondary

Enrichment Activity for Secondary 3 Students:
Private Cooking Class by Professional Chefs

On the 20th October 2015, our Secondary 3 Food and Nutrition students attended a private cooking class taught by experienced professional chefs.

The objectives of the cooking class were to:
1. expose students to learning directly from industry professionals
2. expose students to a professional-style kitchen and industrial equipment
3. build students’ confidence and inspire them to create skillful dishes relevant for their N Level           practical examinations
4. learn modern presentation and plating skills 

The menu for the day included:
- Spanakopita (skills: using filo pastry and shaping triangular pastry)
- Baked tomato stuffed with rice (skills: stuffing vegetables)
- Chicken and prawn souvlaki with tzatziki served with pita (skills: skewing meat, de-shelling             and cleaning prawns, making sauce)
- Profiteroles with chocolate sauce (skills: making choux pastry, making sauce)
- Fruit tart (skills: short crust pastry, making custard)

During the class, the teachers observed that the students were engaged. Students worked in groups of 4 to 5 and each student took charge of the mis-en-place for the different components of each dish. At the end, they worked as a team to cook and complete the dishes.

“The cooking lesson was fun and interesting and the chef was very friendly”
                                                                                         - Glennis and E’liyana, F&N students


 Students at work


 Dishes prepared and cooked by students

APS Challenge 2015 Baking Competition 
When our school was invited to participate in the APS Challenge 2015 Baking Competition, three Secondary 3 F&N students stepped up.  Cynthia, Nur E’Liyana and Glennis from 3 Thinking were excited to showcase their baking skills. 

The theme for the competition was ‘Bake Decorate Celebrate’ and the requirements were to bake 10 cookies and 10 cupcakes for a themed birthday party. After brainstorming, the students decided to choose the theme ‘Sweet 16’ and immediately started looking for recipes and presentation ideas. They had to bake and decorate the cookies and cupcakes and attach pictures of their baked goods with the registration form for the competition.  

Our students were selected to be part of the finals held on the 14th of October at Assumption Pathway School. They were up against 15 other teams from different schools across Singapore. The judges of the competition were well-regarded and experienced professionals of the baking industry.  

Our students did not win but made the school proud by trying their best and carrying themselves very well and with confidence throughout the competition. 

Reflections from our students on their experience
It was such a fun and interesting day. I felt very happy working together as all three of us like to bake.  We worked hard to get into the finals.  Even though we didn’t get in the Top 3, getting in the finals alone was a blessing.  I would like to thank Ms Mavishna, Ms Lee and Ms Loola for giving us their support and guidance.”  - Nur E’Liyana

It was an exciting and interesting day because it was our first time participating in a competition.  It was also a fun experience as we got to see what the teams from other schools came up with.  We really enjoyed ourselves during the completion” – Glennis

It was a memorable day for us as we were able to compete with other schools during the finals.  It was the first time we were participating in a competition and I think the most important aspect was the experience gained rather than the results. Overall, it was definitely a great experience for us.”                                                                                                                                             – Cynthia


Baked and decorated cookies and cupcakes for photo taking


At the finals