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Design and Technology

Our Curriculum



An integrative approach to the teaching and learning of design & technology

Sec 1 Programme



Integrated design curriculum for NE-themed project “Night Light”

Sec 3 Programme





Sec 2 Programme


Integrated design curriculum for NE-themed project “Holders”

Sec 4/5 Programme


GCE ‘N/O’ Level Coursework

Preparation for GCE ‘N/O’ Level Theory Written Paper

Lower Secondary Programme

Download D&T Lower Secondary Syllabus here:
Our lower secondary programme provides students exposure to the design process as well as opportunities to apply basic design thinking and communication skills. Through our programme, students experience the process of realising their design through making. In line with our school’s niche area, National Education, our D&T projects relate to the local context.

View Our Lower Secondary Projects here>>

Our Lower Secondary Projects

Sec 1 D&T Coursework - Night LIght

D and T Coursework_1.png

Sec 2 D&T Coursework - Holders

D and T Coursework_2.png

Upper Secondary Programme

Download D&T Upper Secondary Syllabus here:

Our upper secondary programme prepares students for their GCE O/N levels in Secondary 4/5. It is a comprehensive programme to familiarise students with coursework requirements.

Secondary 3 Programme :

Sound Amplifier Workshop

Organised by Temasek Polytechnic, our Secondary 3 students participated in Sound Amplifier Workshop where they learnt about electronic components and soldering techniques. 

Screen Shot 12-03-14 at 04.13 PM.PNG


Design Faire Exhibition

Organised by Ping Yi Secondary, our Secondary 3 students attended a Design Faire Exhibition where they were exposed to various 3D printing techniques and the use of Computer Aided Drawing software.

D and T Coursework_3.png

Secondary 4/5 Programme:

D&T Pupil Seminar

Organised by Curriculum Planning and Development Division for Design and Technology, our Sec 4 and 5 students attended D&T Pupil Seminar. The students learnt on sketching for solutions in preparation for their N/O level coursework.

D and T Coursework_4.png

D&T Coursework Briefing for Parents

Coursework briefing was held for parents and students to reach out to parents to give support to their child doing their coursework. The briefing session provides a platform for the teachers to provide feedback on the graduating students’ progress to their parents.

D and T Coursework_5.png

Sec 3 D&T coursework – Cam Toy

D and T Coursework_6.png

View Our Upper  Secondary Projects 


In the Tech-Fashion Camp @ Republic Polytechnic programme, our students participated in the LED bag design competition and one of our teams won the Best Design Award

Led bag Design Award.jpg

In the Sound Amplifier Competition, our students won the Merit Award.