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Ms Clarissa Ng Seok Teng, Mdm Rosshameem Bte Haniff, 
Mr Lim Hung Guan Fedrick and Mr Neo Zhi Da Terence, Ms Ng Huimin
Evergreen’s volleyball team was started in 2002. Till date, we have built up teams with players that portray confidence in themselves, together with the display of commitment and dedication to the CCA.
The CCA has given opportunities to many of our students to participate in numerous inter-school competitions, the annual competitions held by the Volleyball Association of Singapore (VAS) and other friendly matches organized amongst schools. Throughout the year, we have activities that allow the players opportunities to improve on their skills on court. Trainings can be tough and tiring, but it definitely is rewarding when the efforts put in do result in good performance during competitions. The senior girls are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills by organizing activities such as camps and team-building activities for the juniors. Often, we highlight the importance of team spirit and team bonding where all differences are overcome and good relationships are formed.
Volleyball is a sport that requires much team work and cooperation between its players. Besides the importance of having good technical skills, communication between players is also crucial. Not only do we emphasize the value of diligence in training, we also stress the need to build good relationship amongst members in the team. Building of mental alertness and confidence in the players are also our areas of focus.
Our girls have always fought hard in the competition for North Zone Schools. Despite the many strong teams in our zone, we still have a strong fighting spirit and never-say-die attitude. In year 2006, our ‘B’ division team came close to reaching the top 4 teams of the zone. We came in the 5th position at the zone level, and it was one of our proudest moments. In volleyball, we continuously seek for excellence and be the best in all areas.

Achievements, Accomplishments and other activities:

  1. National Schools North Zone Volleyball Championships 2006 ‘B’ Division – 5th
  2. National Schools North Zone Volleyball Championships - Participation
  3. National Junior Volleyball Championship Under-13, Under-16 by VAS
  4. Shuqun Invitational Competition ‘B’ Division – 2nd
  5. Presbyterian High Invitational Games
  6. American High School Friendly match

Volleyball 'C' Girls 2014 - 2nd Place North Zone Inter-School Volleyball Championship


Volleyball 'C' Girls 2013 - 3rd in North Zone