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Netball is a popular sports CCA in Evergreen Secondary. We have a team of committed players, teachers and coach who train hard to achieve our dreams. We hope to nurture netball players who are not only skilful, but are also girls of character as they learn perseverance, discipline, team work and sportsmanship.  Our netball team is divided into 3 squads: B’ Division, C’ Division and the recreational team. Our netball players have consistently been participating in the zonal tournaments, netball carnivals as well as friendly matches with other schools. We have been steadily improving our skills, abilities and teamwork, which is evident through our increasing love for the game and our ever-improving match scores.

Training Days & Time

Mondays & Thursdays
 Venue: Parade Square/ Indoor Sports Hall

Teachers In-Charge

Ms Norashimah, Ms Priscilla Tan and Ms Arularasi

Achievements and Events Participated

Northzone Competition

Excerpt of Evergreen’s Netball C Div’ 2015 North Zone competition at redsports.sg 

Excerpt netball.jpg

Read more about the girls victory over at this link : https://www.redsports.sg/2015/02/06/nz-cdiv-netball-evergreen-woodlands/

Carnivals and Friendly Matches


CCA Open House 2016