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Student Leaders 2016

Boys Captain : Aw Yik Pin
Boys Vice - Captain: Chew Yi Xuan
Girls Captain - Xu Rubing
Girls Vice - Captain : Dong Ya Li
Lower Sec IC: Heo Kah Lun
Administrative IC: Viola Oktaviona
Logistic IC: Tan Jia Jun & Samuel Swan Htet Tun

Events and Activities

Pre-NorthZone Badminton Championship 

On the 8 November 2016, EVG Badminton took part in the Pre-NorthZone Badminton Championship held by Siling Secondary School for the B Division Boys and B Division Girls. Our players played against Nan Chiau High, Woodlands Secondary, Siling Secondary and Marsiling Secondary and we emerged as the champions for the B Division Boys category and 2nd position for the B Division Girls category.

Pre-NorthZone Badminton Championship_1.jpg

Pre-NorthZone Badminton Championship B Division Boys Champions 

The B Boys winning team members are 

 Aw Yik Pin, Chew Yi Xuan, Tan Jia Jun, Swam Htet Tun, Rahul Pant, Heo Kah Lun, Oh Xu Xiang, Tan Ying Quan, Javier Wee Jun Kai, Lim Jun Hao and Wee Jia YiReach Age Group Badminton Tournament 2016.

Pre-NorthZone Badminton Championship_2.jpg

Pre-NorthZone Badminton Championship B Division Girls 2nd Position

The B Girls winning team members are

Lim Xing Yee, Xu Rubing, Joey Low Jia Xin, Teo Hui Ling Stefanie, Lim Jia Xuan Karis, Ong Yan Ting, Viola Oktaviona, Lim Jia Yee, Aw Ke Er Angelica, Khor Chai Hong, Ashley Ho Yu Xin, Khor Moon Xuan, Wong Jing Ting and Beverly Soo Zi WeiOn the 30th October 2016, our badminton girl Lim Xing Yee took part in the Reach Age Group Badminton Tournament 2016 and emerged 4th in position, beating the odds against other players from various schools in the Under 17 Girls Singles category.

Teck Ghee Youth Badminton Championship 2016

Teck Ghee Youth Badminton Championship 2016_1.jpg

Lim Xing Yee

 2nd Runner Up in Girls Singles

The Teck Ghee Youth Badminton Championship took place from 22 to 26 November. Our student Lim Xing Yee took part in the Singles and Doubles category. She played her way into the Semi Finals where she met and lost to the competition champion. However, she fought hard in the loser pool and came back with a strong win. She clinched the 2nd runner up position in the Singles category, out of 32 players.

Lim Xing Yee took part in the Doubles Category with Zenn Goh from Siling Secondary School. Xing Yee made friends with her partner when she was selected to represent Woodlands CSC to take part in the Singapore Community Games 2016 this July. Together, they played well and emerged as 2nd runner up in the Doubles category.Teck Ghee Youth Badminton Championship 2016_2.jpg

Lim Xing Yee and Zenn Goh 
 2nd Runner Up in Girl Doubles

Long Generation Internal Game 2016

Long Generation Internal Game 2016_1.jpg

Sim Jie Bin
2nd Runner Up Boys Singles
During the December holidays, our student Sim Jie Bin took part in the Long Generation Internal Game organized by Long Generation Badminton Academy, a renowned badminton academy in Malaysia. Being a talented and diligent young player of our team, Jie Bin played well and achieved 2nd Runner Up in the Singles Boys category.


Alpha Age Group Series 2016

During the December holidays, five of our students, Koo Chun Kit, Tan Jia Jun, Xu Rubing and Lim Xing Yee took part in the Alpha Age Group Series Singles category. The students tried their best and four of them made it to the quarter finals. 

Our player Lim Xing Yee partnered Haze Sie from Christ Church Secondary, also a badminton lover where Xing Yee met during the Singapore Community Games, and emerged victorious. They were awarded a joint 2nd Runner up in the Girls Doubles U19 category.

Alpha Age Group Series 2016_1.jpg

                                                                               2nd runner up in the Girls Doubles 


Singapore Community Games 2016

The Singapore Community Games is a multi-sports competition held across the island, bringing sports to the heart of the community and connecting residents of different age, races and living across estates. This year, two of our badminton girls, Lim Xing Yee and Dong Ya Li were selected to represented Woodlands CSC and took part in the badminton games competition.

SG Community Walk - National Day Celebrations

Some of our students were selected to take part in the SG Community Walk, one of the many celebration events for National Day. The students were privileged and excited as they get to meet Mr Lee Hsien Loong and Ms Ho Ching.


Newspaper Collection Drive 2016

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NorthZone Competition and Friendly Matches

Friendly with Regent Sec 2016.jpg
Friendly with Regent Secondary 2016
Friendly match.jpg
Friendly Matches in 2015