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Malay Dance

Teachers in charge: 
Ms Noriati Amin, Ms Izzati Umar Baki, Ms Baizura Md Salleh

About Malay Dance Club

‘Sway to The Rhythm’ is the motto of Sukma Irama, the only EVG Malay Dance Club. Founded in 2004, Sukma Irama has developed the skills and interests among EVGian dancers who became more prepared to showcase different forms of performances to diverse group of audience in school and beyond. Apart from developing young talents, our Malay Dance Club also aims to enrich the lives of our dancers with good values and character through our enrichment and VIA activities.


·  SYF 2009 – Silver Award

·  SYF 2011 – Silver Award

·  SYF 2013 – Certificate of Accomplishment

·  SYF 2015 – Certificate of Distinction

Weekly Practice Schedule: 

Mondays & Thursdays

3.00pm – 5.00pm
Please take note for the upcoming SYF 2015, the practices are as follows

(only until end of March 2015):

Mondays: 3pm – 6pm
Thursdays: 3pm – 6pm
Saturdays: 8am – 11am

2014 - 2015 Student Leaders

2015_President and V President.jpg

Our activities:

1) Singapore Youth Festival 2015

Entitled Ceria Anak Desa, this SYF 2015 dance depicts the life of a child back in our Kampung days. It shows a traditional environment lifestyle filled with happy young villagers. This dance portrays about the dancers working together as a team and also expressing their high spirited character throughout.

The props that they will be adopting will depict the basic chores such as folding, wiping, and even sweeping that is done in the early days.

So here we represent Ceria Anak Desa in a delicate and graceful performance.

 Watch our SYF 2015 dance here:

MD SYF 2015.jpg

2)    Public Performances

To develop students’ potential, our dancers are often given the opportunity to perform at various platforms – from school concerts to community and public performances. These performances aim to increase students’ confidence and dance ability.


2015 Sec 1 Orientation
Entitled Tarian Selamat Datang, our dancers performed using saucers (Tarian Piring) which signifies feelings of happiness and warmth as they welcome the Secondary 1 students to Evergreen Secondary School.

2015_Malay Dance_1.png

2015 Chinese New Year Concert
A combination of Tarian inang and joget, our dancers gracefully put together a performance in celebration of Chinese New Year.

2015_Malay Dance_2.png

2015 Honours Day 

2015_Malay Dance_3.png


Upcoming performances:
2nd August 2015: Hari Raya Concert @ Woodlands CC
6th August 2015: National Day Concert
16th August 2015: SG50 National Day Dinner Sembawang GRC
30th October 2015: Muara Festival @ Esplanade

Enrichment Activities

Apart from performances, our dancers are also given the opportunity to learn through various enrichment activities and learning journeys. In addition, our dancers are taught to be socially aware of the community and do their part in helping them.

Learning Journey to Bukit Chandu
Held during the March holidays, the learning journey aims to bring dancers to appreciate the sacrifices of our past generations to the nation. It also gives the opportunity for the dancers to understand the values held by the soldiers in overcoming challenges and obstacles. Also, going to Bukit Chandu provides opportunity for the students get the “Kampung feeling” which allows them to get into their respective characters when they dance.

2015_Malay Dance_4.png

Gentarasa 2015

Entitled “Nak Ke Mana”, the show exposed our dancers to various types of theatrical dance moves. Also, it depicts the story of the struggles of a group of youths, who in a bid to fulfill a project, reflect on the contributions and progress of the Malay community since Singapore‘s independence and reflect the unified Singapore Spirit of care, concern and support, especially in times of difficulties. 

2015_Malay Dance_5.png

Other Upcoming activities:
9th July 2015: Iftar preparation for the less fortunate
20th July 2015: Hari Raya Celebration with the dancers