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Chinese Dance

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Teachers in Charge:
Mdm Ma Ning
Mdm Thian Siaw Fong
Miss Lau Kai Li
Miss Poa Jia Ying

About Chinese Dance

Vision : EVG Dancers- Grace in Movement; Strength in Character 

Mission: To develop a strong foundation in dance technique and instill the LOVE for Chinese dance in student dancers
EVG Chinese Dance is formed in year 2001 and since then we have been achieving commendable results in Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) and performing actively in numerous external and school functions. It is now one of the key Performing Arts CCA in EVG with more than 40 highly dedicated student dancers.


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Outstanding Winner Award and the Best Teamwork Award for

International Youth Talent Contest and Asian International Art Festival 2017

Accomplishment for SYF 2017

Accomplishment for SYF 2015

Distinction for SYF 2013

Silver Award for SYF 2011

Gold Award for SYF 2009

Champion for North Zone Competition 2008

Bronze Award for SYF 2005

Silver Award for SYF 2003


International Youth Talent Contest and Asian International Festival 2017

Our Chinese dancers participated in the International Youth Talent Contest and Asian International Art Festival. This competition has seen participants from Canada, China and Singapore, drawing a total of 200 teams participating this year.  It is divided into the Orchestra and Dance category. For the Dance category this year, it consists of 150 dance performances - solo, duet and group dance. Our girls have participated in the Group Dance category and competed against 40 competitors and they have clinched the Outstanding Winner Award and the Best Teamwork Award in the Group Dance category.

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Performance for Xi An Xi Fei  No 1 High School Visit 2017–Korean Pop Dance

Our very own EVG Chinese dancers choreographed a K-pop dance in this special occasion to show their passion to the vistors. Well done!
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                Mother Tongue Fortnight Opening Ceremony 2017

To celebrate the commencement of Mother Tongue Fortnight, our Dancers put up a performance choreographed by themselves in the parade square to showcase their passion for the love of the culture of their Mother Tongue. 

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Secondary One CCA Orientation-Chinese Dance CCA Booth and Performance

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Farewell Party for Sec 4 students 

A warm and heart rending farewell organised by the current secondary 3 students. All the best for the graduating students in Chinese Dance! 

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Art Appreciation Programme 2017 - Masterpiece in Motion by Singapore Dance Theatre

To provide EVG Chinese Dancers with wider exposure to different dance genres as well as to cultivate in them the aesthetic ability to appreciate and love dance as an art form, we embarked on a journey to watch the timeless and inspiring dance performance by Singapore Dance Theatre titled “Masterpiece in motion”.  It proved to be a rewarding and enriching experience for EVG Chinese Dancers. 

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Photo Gallery

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