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Singapore Youth Flying Club

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EVG Youth Flying Club

Teachers In Charge: 

Ms Ching Mei Fei, Mr Loy Yuan Cong Jeremy, Ms Ngo Wei Min Jasmine, Ms Sharie Ong

Training Day & Time (2017):
•Wednesday, 3.30pm – 6pm (RC & CL Flying)
•Thursday, 3.30pm to 6pm (Building & Flight Simulation)

The Youth Flying Club (YFC) in Evergreen Secondary School was formed in 2003. To date, the total strength has grown to more than 80 members.   
YFC, in collaboration with the Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC), aims to promote aviation and to inculcate a passion for flying among our youths through aeromodelling.    

In the YFC, cadets are given the opportunity to hone important life skills that encompass skill development, character development and leadership training. This is achieved through numerous experiential learning activities, competitions and community involvement projects. Some of these activities include:   
-   Weekly aeromodelling lessons, flying practices and training on simulator software   
-   Flying Experience Programmes in C130, F50, CH-47 Chinook helicopter and Diamond 40 planes   
-   Attend Junior Aviators’ Course, Flight Leaders’ Course and Instructor’s Course conducted at SYFC   
-   Termly Enrichment Activity to build leadership and teamwork among members   
-   Participating in various aviation related activities organised by Polytechnics   

Through active participation, cadets will be able to move up the ranks from a cadet aeromodeller to a junior pilot in the four years they are with the YFC.

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Achievements 2016

SYFC Inter-school Aeromodelling Competitions 2016   

 This year, the Evergreen Youth Flying Club has attained the Overall Champion in the Singapore Interschool Aeromodelling Championship 2016 and has been the Champion for 3 years in a row, since 2014. We are the 1st school to in SYFC history to break the record, thus enabling us to keep the Championship Trophy permanently in the school from this year onwards. 

School Award: Overall Champion (2014 - 2016)

YFC Winners 2016.jpg

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Competition Event: Electric Control Line Junior and Senior Event

YFC Winners 2016 3.jpg

Preparing their Electric Control Line Planes for Competition
YFC Winners 2016 4.jpg

The Electric Control-lined Plane Team

Competition Event: Inter-schools Flight Simulator & Glider Competition

YFC Winners 2016 5.jpg

Competition Event: Inter-schools RC Pylon Racing Competition

YFC Winners 2016 6.jpgYFC Winners 2016 7.jpg

YFC Students Achievements at the Graduation Day 2016

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YFC Winners 2016 9.jpg

Achievements 2015


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Achievements 2014

Our cadets participated actively in external competitions and did the school proud with their achievements as listed below: 

Inter-Schools Aeromodelling Competition organised by SYFC

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      *click to view larger image

Biennial  National Aeromodelling Competition organized by Aeromodelling Federation of Singapore 


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2014 Winners

Overview of Youth Flying Club CCA Programme

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Making of Radio Control Pylon Planes in the Workshop

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Flight Simulation Session in the Computer Lab

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Electric Control-lined Plane Making Session in the Workshop

CCA Open House 2016

CCA Open House is usually held on the 1st Saturday of January. Secondary 1 students will be introduced to the different sections in YFC, namely: Radio Control Plane Team, Electric Control-lined Plane Team and Flight Simulation Team. A distinctive highlight of our booth will be the demonstration of Electric Control-lined planes Rat Race by the seniors. 

YFC 4.jpg
YFC 5.jpg

Flight Simulation Demonstration

YFC 6.jpg

Attentive members at the YFC Booth

YFC VIA Activity on 12th Feb 2016

During the VIA activity, YFC students prepared and presented packets of 7 types of vegetables to the elderly at the Sree Mission Home for Lunar Chinese New Year Celebration on the 7th day of Lunar New Year, 人日). After which, students spent time interacting and singing Chinese New Year Songs with the elderly. Much joy and laughter filled the room during the celebration.

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Youth Flying Club – External Competitions 2016

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Our Training Activities

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External Activities

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