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Photography Club

Teacher In Charge:

Logo.pngMr Amirul B Noor Rahman,
Ms Rachel Subramaniam,
Ms Minette Joseph


To develop our photography skills, pursue the craft and explore our imagination.


Through the lens, photographers capture and appreciate the beauty of a moment.

The Evergreen Secondary School Photography Club was formed to provide a platform for both students and teachers of the school possessing a wide range of experience and interest to come together in developing photography skills in a myriad of ways.

Currently, the Club is helmed by three teachers. They are : Mr Amirul, Ms Minette and              Ms Rachel.

With the over-arching vision of being a student-centric Co-Curricular Activity (CCA), the Photography Club is always on the look-out in giving new opportunities for students to develop themselves holistically especially in areas of leadership and character.

The members of the Photography Club aim to gain and apply photography skills in the pursuit of the art of photography. They will be committed in their contribution to the school by taking photos during school events such as Chinese New Year Concert, Road Run, Honours Day and National Day Parade & Concert. Together, the members will work as a team as well as hone their leadership skills. Every photographer will also build their confidence so as to overcome challenges with a positive attitude.

Montage 2016 Photography Competition

The Photographic Society of NUS organised Montage 2016, which ran from the 19th of March to 17th of June, and is a photography competition that encourages students to tell stories and share moments through the medium of photographs. The theme of Montage 2016 is ‘Connection’. The EVG Photography Club went on a photography trail around the Esplanade area to be inspired and snap pictures that tied in with this year’s theme. EVG Photography Club member, Anna Ong’s entry, was selected as part of the Top 20 best photographs in the Youth category. 

Montage 2016 Photography Competition.jpg

Anna’s winning photograph

Montage 2016 Photography Competition 1.jpg

Teachers and students of EVG Photography Club after the photography trail

Canon PhotoMarathon 2015

Five of our EVG photographers participated in the Canon PhotoMarathon 2015 last Saturday (22 Aug). This is a highly anticipated annual photography competition held by Canon. During the competition, the photographers were challenged to create themed masterpieces under time pressure.

Our photographers took part in the student category and had to compete with participants from Raffles Institution, School of Science and Technology and even tertiary institutions like Singapore Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic and Singapore University of Technology and Design.

After 9 hours of grueling competition, our very own Leck Yong Chee from 3CMT was awarded the first prize for the theme "Defy your Imagination".

You can view all the winning submissions at the following website:


2015_canon photo marathon_collage.jpg

Facets of SG

Facets of Sg was held between April and August 2014. It is a photographic essay competition for students of all schools. The theme was ‘Heritage Through The Eyes of Our Youths’. Students submitted 3 original photographs, detailing a story of Singapore’s heritage along one of the following themes: Food, Architecture, Celebrations, Entertainment or Style. Students also had to submit a caption with less than 100 words, in two languages (English and Mother Tongue) to honour their heritage.

We are proud to announce that two of students- Lim Hwee Xin and Lee Qi En were selected as top 50 entries out of thousands of entries submitted. Their submissions, together with the other 48 top entries, are currently displayed in a roving exhibition to schools and NLB, and also published as a commemorative book for SG50.

2015_facets of sg_collage_1.jpg

The proud faces representing Evergreen                      Hwee Xin’s title and write up.
Secondary and 2 of 50 finalists, 
Lee Qi En (left) and Lim Hwee Xin (right).

2015_facets of sg_collage_2.jpg

Qi En with her 3 winning photographs in                  Qi En’s title and write-up.
the theme of Architecture.

2015_photographers convention_1.jpg2015_VIA_Recycling Project_1.jpg2015_photojournalist workshop_1.jpg2015_darkroom workshop_1.jpg