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English Literary Drama and Debate Society (ELDDS)

Teachers in Charge: Mrs Mona Seah, Mr Wilfred Teo, Ms Hanna Maryam and Ms Aswathy Chandrasekhar
ELDDS 1.jpgThe English Literary Drama and Debate Society (ELDDS) in Evergreen has grown from strength to strength over the years from its humble beginnings as the Creative Circle. It is now one of the most colorful and dynamic co-curricular activities in the school. Currently it comprises of three robust divisions; the Drama, Debate and E-journalism Divisions. Each of these divisions serve to allow students to nurture and exercise their creative, intellectual and oratorical capacities.

Evergreen Debate Invitational (EVGDI)

ELDDS Pic 2.jpg.png

                         ELDDS members at the Inaugural Evergreen Debate Invitational 2017

Evergreen Debate Invitational (EVGDI) was an inaugural inter-school debate tournament organised this year with the aim of achieving the following objectives:

      1)    To provide debaters with the opportunity to:

            ·         Represent their schools at the inter-school level.

            ·         Debate thought-provoking motions, thereby honing their debating skills.

      2)    To provide participating schools with a platform for interactionand friendly debate opportunities.

ELDDS Pic 3.jpg.pngELDDS Pic 4.jpg.png

EVGDI, a small scale inter-school tournament provided the novice Secondary 1 to 3 debaters a challenging yet less daunting debating experience. Motions were pitched at an appropriate level and the larger group of 20 adjudicators (3 to 5 at each round) from the Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) Oratorical Society ensured that the debaters received rich feedback at each round. Evergreen will continue to organise this tournament to further nurture the debating culture in the North Cluster.